A New Leaf

I'm feeling stagnant - here's some things that I'm going to try more consciously - reading more fiction, get back to playing an instrument, coding for fun, and trying my hand at a start-up.

Got together with some friends about the whole startup thing, been kicking around some ideas, and India seems to be the place to do it.


I was reading on sustainable development. This could be a really cool example - a guy who makes gold grow in plants


Hours of fun are possible by commanding your subservient chicken


"In many parts of the news media, we are increasingly getting the raw elements of news as the end product", and "Those who would manipulate the press and public appear to be gaining leverage over the journalists who cover them". A state of the media report


Math n' music. I've yet to understand the algorithm that generates the music, but the proofs are nice to listen to.


Water from air. This might work in Madras.


The US has Ashcroft... The UK has Blunkett. The next name in this list better start with a "C".
Damn, these kids are getting better all the time.
An online Ear Trainer quiz. Not too shabby.
A guide to train travel in Europe.